TSI (Technology for Social Impact) is a brand of the Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. bringing innovative tech solutions for social impact in the areas of agriculture, health and education. We are the pioneers in bringing the power of technology to the development frontier.

We are a group of young professionals and a world class technology team, working towards developing new hardware and software to enable people living at the “Base of the Pyramid” for a better livelihood.

In our 10 year of journey, it was not easy to enlighten rural people about the power of technology and make them understand how it can change their life. TSI definitely set new examples and standards to overcome this barrier, and over time and has been the trendsetter for others to follow.



Technology solutions to connect and improve people’s lives around the world.


  • Solving social problems with information technology at affordable prices.
  • Develop low cost hardware and software.
  • Provide software engineering services that help pay for our social impact projects.
  • Strategy for connecting the unconnected population segment with information services.



2008: C. Barrett and Dr. Md. Yunus announcement of creating a social business along with Intel and Grameen. MOU signed

2009: Shareholder negotiations, Company registered in Bangladesh Initial product prototypes

2010: Shareholder agreements signed, Govt and local regulatory approvals obtained, Field pilot in India, Bangladesh

2011:  First employees in Bangladesh, Temporary office,  First eAgro product launched

2018:  The new “TSI” brand launched to better represent our technology services in line with the company roadmap