“A great drawing app for children,” -a gDraw user


“Great app…It’s a great drawing app for children…the step-by-step & trace option is great because it helped my child learn drawing,” commented Md. Shahidul Islam – a gDraw user – on the Google Play Store.

Grameen Intel recently released its new mobile app gDraw on the Google Play Store for everyone to enjoy and download for free.

gDraw has been designed for preschoolers and anyone who wants to go back to the basics of drawing and try out some cool art. gDraw lets users draw anything they want and save images to a gallery. The app also lets users download images of different categories of objects such as fruits, animals, insects, birds, etc. from our server, and learn to draw these objects through tracing and guided drawing and fun sound effects.

Nahid Mithu, another gDraw user, commented: “My nephews loved it. I loved it too. The images are really cute and the step by step feature is a fun way to learn drawing. Great app!”

Grameen Intel has already released an updated version of the application. So stay tuned!

Download it from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grameenintel.android.gdraw

For more: http://www.grameen-intel.com/products/gdraw/