Danone and Intel among the 50 companies of Fortune Magazine’s Change the World List

Fortune Danone Fortune Intel


Danone and Intel have been ranked 14th and 39th respectively on the Fortune Magazine’s “Change the World” list, with among other 50 companies. Both these multinational companies have a social business ventures operating in Bangladesh.


Fortune announced its inaugural “Change the World” list, a ranking of companies that have made a sizable impact on major global social or environmental problems as part of their competitive strategy. For the first time, the magazine’s list ranked companies not by the dollars they make but by the good they are doing as part of their profit-making strategy.


Danone, one of the social business partners of Grameen, has been recognized as a brand offering products that address poor nutrition. Grameen and Danone Group launched a joint venture to create a yogurt fortified with micro-nutrients to decrease malnutrition for the children of Bangladesh in 2005. In Bangladesh, children eat 600,000 servings a week of its Shokti-Doi, a nutrient-rich yogurt. The company exited the junk-food business in 2007.


Intel’s Microprocessor electronics include minerals such as tantalum, tungsten, tin, and gold –largely sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where mining activities often fund armed groups. Since 2009, Intel, the $56 billion chip-industry giant, has led the charge to reverse that. Determined to rid its products of such grim associations, the company – with an auditor’s touch – dug deep into its supply chain.

Link: http://fortune.com/change-the-world/