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Jewellery, they say, are a woman’s best friend. Now, what if there was a piece of jewellery that could warn a pregnant woman about health hazards, inform her about the foetus, and remind her to take her medicines on time? Wouldn’t it be a friend even better than the best for her?

Anamika Chakraborti could not agree more. This ‘talking’ bangle has been a constant companion of the homemaker from Amtola village in Khulna district’s Botiaghata upazila for the last four months or so. Anamika was five months pregnant when a local NGO approached her with the bangle. They asked her to use it for the rest of the pregnancy. She had no reason to say “no”. The amazing bangle could “talk”, of course, but it looked pretty too. Over the next few months, the bangle warned her whenever she was in the presence of excessive kitchen smoke, reminded her to take her medicines and more protein, and kept informing her about the status of the baby, among many other things.
“It was like magic. I liked it a lot,” smiled Anamika, who gave birth to a healthy boy a few days ago. ‘Coel’, however, is no magic. This device, shaped like a bangle, is the brainchild of Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd., a social business information technology company formed in a joint collaboration between Intel Corporation and Grameen Trust.

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