Grameen Intel signs MoU with the second largest mobile operator in the country Robi Axiata Limited

The second largest mobile operator in the country  ‘Robi Axiata Limited’ has signed an MOU with Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. (GISB) Tuesday at the Robi Corporate Office in Gulshan.
Mahtabuddin Ahmed, CEO and Managing Director of Robi Axiata Limited and Kazi I. Huque, CEO of GISB signed the MOU on their behalf of their respective companies.

The MOU allows both the companies to work together on agriculture. The call centre-based “mobile krishē” – a fertilizer recommendation software, will be implemented through the collaboration of Robi and GISB to promote modernized farming and enable the farmers to achieve sustainable high yield on their crops.

Robi will implement “mobile krishē” as telecommunication value added service by using its telecommunication network and connectivity enabling the farmers to obtain expert knowledge on appropriate fertilizer, seed and pesticide application practices for helping them optimize on their productivity.

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