Grameen Intel’s Smart Bangle for Pregnant Mothers


Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. (GISB) has developed ‘COEL’ which will protect the health of pregnant mothers and their unborn child. COEL will be available in the market in March, 2017 at an affordable price.

COEL is a smart wearable bangle that provides pre-recorded messages for maternal health. As an additional feature, it can also alert the presence and level of indoor air pollution (particularly carbon monoxide) during daily activities like cooking which often involves burning wood, charcoal or animal dung. Dangerous levels of of toxic fumes can be extremely harmful for both the mother and the child.

COEL is a water resistant bangle made of high quality durable plastic. The device lasts for 10 months (the entire pregnancy period) without charging. It can also be programmed to “speak” about 80 pregnancy related wellness messages. The device does not require internet connectivity to function. It is crucial that a pregnant woman gets the right information at the right time making COEL the right device for meeting such advisory needs. The device can be set according to the pregnancy dates and based on this, COEL will provide the pregnancy related messages (information and instruction) for 10 months at roughly two messages each week. This smart bangle is an aid and help in ensuring the good health and wellness of the mother and the child.

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