The Smart Bangle – New Age Xtra

Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. (GISB) has developed a smart bangle, especially designed for pregnant women that can play a role in improving maternal health. The bangle that has been named COEL, is a maternal wellness wearable device that provides pre-recorded pregnancy related advisory messages for pregnant women. As an additional feature, it can also detect the presence and level of indoor air pollution during daily activities like cooking which is extremely harmful for our health when it crosses a certain limit.

The o.8 inches width artistic bangle, which will be available in the local market soon for Taka 1,000 to 1200, has been reviewed by the users. Anamika Chakrabarty, a user from Batiaghata upazila in Khulna who used the bangle under a pilot project by the company, is currently seven months pregnant. She shares that she began using the bangle a month earlier. ‘It is like a trusted friend,’ says Chakrabarty. She shares that her first pregnancy was not very pleasant and it would have been better if she had the bangle at the time. Claiming that the price of the bangle is reasonable, she urges that the company should make it available for all pregnant women in the country.

COEL is a water resistant bangle made of high quality durable plastic. The device can run for 10 months (the entire pregnancy period) without charging. It can also be programmed to ‘speak’ about 80 pregnancy-related wellness messages, says Abdullah Al Mamun, deputy general manager of the company.