Coel is a smart wearable bangle that provides pre-recorded messages for maternal health. As an additional feature, it can also alert the presence and level of indoor air pollution (particularly carbon monoxide) during daily activities like cooking which often involves burning wood, charcoal or animal dung. Dangerous levels of toxic fumes can be extremely harmful for both the mother and the child.

Coel is a water resistant bangle made of high quality durable plastic. The device lasts for 10 months (the entire pregnancy period) without charging and programmed to “speak” about 80 pregnancy wellness messages. The device does not require internet connectivity to function.and is crucial for the mother gets the right information at the right time.

Photo Credit: Eiryanna Bennett

Features of Coel:

  • Pregnancy wellness audio tips (MAMA messages)

  • Indoor air pollution (CO sensing) detection

  • Local language audio and LED alerts

  • Battery for at least 10 months

  • Water resistant

Coel - the smart bangle for maternal wellness


The product will be available in the market very soon.
Many women in the developing countries live in remote and rural areas which make it challenging for them to access health facilities and midwives. Moreover, these women bear no knowledge about the importance of seeking medical advice from doctors during their pregnancy. As a result, pregnant women often find it difficult to get medical support to improve their chances of a having a safe pregnancy and healthy baby.
Coel the right device for meeting such advisory needs. This smart bangle is an aid and help in ensuring the good health and wellness of the mother and the child.

Around 3 billion people need to light a fire in order to cook which typically means burning wood, charcoal or animal dung (in rural areas). This enables toxic carbon monoxide and particulates inevitably emit into kitchens and inside living spaces.

Babies can suffer low birth weight and other serious health complications from the effects of breathing indoor cooking fumes. The toxic fumes from cooking fire triggers more deaths than tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV combined and hence the benefits of the ultra-low-cost Coel wearable will be felt by people across the world.

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