dolnā is a vaccine scheduling and tracking software for newborns and infants. Mobile health workers, doctors at rural clinics and health administrators can use this software to ensure that newborns and infants are given all their required immunizations and vaccinations on time.
Features of dolnā (vacine tracker) include:

  • Registering infant and generating immunization schedules

  • Generating "due lists" for vaccines to be administered for clinics and mobile health workers

  • Tracking overdue vaccines and clinic-wise coverage

  • Tracking individual infant vaccination history with in-built automatic SMS reminders

  • Tracking height and weight history of infants

In many developing countries in the world, the healthcare system has improved into strong vaccination programs with strong participation rates. The problem still exists as these programs still struggle to maintain and schedule vaccines for infants. The problem exists in an individual level, when the parents are not sure when is the next due date for their child to be vaccinated. Dolnā has been decided to solve this issue and help remind parents, the correct dates and vaccines for their infants.
What is the hardware requirement?


What’s the price?


How and who do I order it from?

Send an email to with the contact information. You will be contacted either by e-mail or phone.

Does dolnā need internet access? 

Yes.  It is a browser based software that can be accessed from most internet enabled devices.

What kind of post purchase support do you offer?

In order to minimize our product costs we will provide support through email and/or community based online forums.
Email or skype based support is available for initial installation and limited training.

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