mrittikā is a soil nutrient analysis and recommendation software. Rural entrepreneurs offer soil testing services to the farmers and use mrittikā to analyse the results to recommend fertilizer to the farmers for achieving cost effective and optimum productivity.

mrittikā offers knowledge based and customized information to the farmers on:

  • Required nutrients based on specific crops and current state of the soil

  • Specific fertilizer types, quantity, dosage and application procedure

  • Local sources of fertilizers offering competitive prices

Features of mrittikā include:

  • Bringing expert advisory services of crop and soil based nutrient selection to the doorstep of the farmers

  • Maximizing yield and improving quality of the harvest

  • Simplifying selection and sourcing of the fertilizers

  • Enabling farmers to save money by reducing wastage and harmful effects from using excess fertilizer

mrittikā - Fertilizer recommendation software

In most developing countries farmers do not have enough knowledge regarding applying the correct fertilizers for their land. They also do not know the nutrient levels in their soil and end up applying inadequate proportions of fertilizers which eventually leads to poor harvests.

mrittikā has been designed to solve this issue, by helping farmers select the appropriate fertilizers in the correct quantity to enhance crop yield. The software is light weight and requires a soil test to determine the amount of nutrients in the soil.

In order for testing the strength of the software, TSI has initiated Project Harvest in different locations in Bangladesh, for analyzing the effectiveness of the software when used in the field level.

A portion of land from farmers in Kushtia, Bogura, Netrokona and Dhaka were used, with the software generating fertilizer recommendations for each farmer’s land. mrittikā helped Md.Alam, wheat farmer from Kushtia, achieve 47% greater harvests and 15% decline in cultivation expenses. Raju, Belayet and Alam Pk were other farmers whose crop harvests were greater than previous years.
How does mrittikā work?

How mrittika works

What is the hardware requirement?

Hardware compatibility

What’s the price?

mrittika price list

How and who do I order it from?

How mrittika works

Send an email to with the contact information. You will be contacted either by e-mail or phone.

Does mrittikā need internet access?

Internet in required to access a central database. Product is designed with low bandwidth in mind in many of the remote sites.

What kind of post purchase support do you offer?

In order to minimize our product costs we will provide support through email and/or community based online forums.
Email or skype based support is available for initial installation and limited training.

Can I operate mrittikā without internet support?

A standalone version is available for PCs/laptops, but is not a long term strategy for us. The internet connectivity is ideal for access to a central database for updates on crops and soil parameters.

Is mrittikā zone specific?

Crops and soil macro nutrients requirement vary regionally. Software allows region specific parameters to be configured prior to deployment.

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