protikār is a crop software for managing plant diseases, weeds and pest organisms that damage agricultural crops. protikār provides crop protection recommendation from harmful insects and numerous plat diseases that afflict crops.  It also provides curative measures to prevent crop losses from herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

protikār offers knowledge based and customized information to the farmers on:

  • Preventive measure to avoid plant diseases

  • Specific pesticides recommendations, quantities, dosage and application procedure

  • Pesticides available at local sources

Features of protikār include:

  • Ease of selection of pesticides from reliable sources

  • Preventing plant diseases and pest organisms that damage agricultural crops

  • Enabling farmers to have produce better crops and reduces harmful effects of using excess pesticides

Pest control is an important segment for better crop yield where farmers of developing countries struggle as they do not have access to expensive pest control management system. Farmers are also responsible for over use of pesticides which may have extremely bad impact on human being and animals.

protikār has been designed to solve this issue, by helping farmers to avail preemptive measures so that pest organism cannot grow to harm the crops. The software can also suggest pesticide that can be applied to manage negative impacts of pests. The software is light weight and it can suggest pest control recommendations based on symptoms and determine proper pesticide dosage.
What is the hardware requirement?

Hardware compatibility

What’s the price? 

To be announced soon

Who do I order it from?

Send an email to with the contact information. You will be contacted either by e-mail or phone.

Does protikār needs internet access?

Internet in required to access a central database. Product is designed with low bandwidth in mind in many of the remote sites.

What kind of post purchase support do you offer?

In order to minimize our product costs we will provide support through email and/or community based online forums. Email or skype based support is available for initial installation and limited training.

Can I operate protikār without internet support?

A standalone version is available for PCs/laptops, but is not a long term strategy for us. The internet connectivity is ideal for access to a central database for updates on crops and soil parameters.

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