vistār is a software application that helps farmers to get direct access to market or buyer information so that they can sell their crops at an optimum price. This application provides considerable business opportunity due to its enormous potential to connect buyer and seller.

vistār offers market information to the farmers on:

  • Improving buying and selling service by offering crops to potential buyers at the beginning the season

  • centralizing bids and offers - it reduces costs and improves margins for farmers

Features of vistār include:

  • Ease of selection of crops from multiple reliable farmers or sellers

  • Farmers can sell perishable crops at fixed interval and avoid crop damages

  • Farmers can contact buyers directly through SMS or email

Vistār provide a secure and reliable online marketplace through which agribusinesses and farmers can make direct offers and place bids, as well as track availability of specific crop and deliver commitments that will enable an efficient management of their business. It gives producers market access and opportunities to sell grain. They are allowed to set their own price and select the buyer, as well as calculate true profitability by calculation their expenses on fertilizer, pesticides and labour. Farmers can conduct business when it is most convenient because it is continuously available online. This application provides connections between crop producers and buyers for any particular region. Hence, provides an improved connectivity to farmers to the economically viable and a profitable market place. Also buyers or agribusinesses receive comprehensive tracking and documentation to ensure accuracy and allow for a better record keeping of customers and purchases.
What is the hardware requirement?

Hardware compatibility

What’s the price?

To be announced soon

How and who do I order it from?

Send an email to with the contact information. You will be contacted either by e-mail or phone.

Does vistār needs internet access?

Internet in required to access a central database. Product is designed with low bandwidth in mind in many of the remote sites.

What kind of post purchase support do you offer?

In order to minimize our product costs we will provide support through email and/or community based online forums. Email or skype based support is available for initial installation and limited training.

Can I operate vistār without internet support?

A standalone version is available for PCs/laptops, but is not a long term strategy for us. The internet connectivity is ideal for access to a central database for updates on crops and soil parameters.

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