Improved online presence; a redesigned website

As we grow our products and customer base, we wanted to make sure that we increase our online presence. We would like therefore welcome you to our improved Details on our eAgro and healthcare products are now online, including product collaterals, articles, a selected set of videos, and many of the FAQs. Our news sections […]

Coming soon; our new education software

We are adding a new focus area for K-5 literacy. Most children in this part of south Asia learn the alphabet using a slate and a chalk. We are creating apps that mimic the physical world as they know it, but transitions them to the digital world. Our slate application will run on a tablet […]

TOMORROW – New Marketing Campaign

communiquē brings you the monthly coverage of the latest internal and external happenings of Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. Introducing our new marketing campaign We are launching a new marketing campaign targeted for the print media in South Asia, but with an universal message. The campaign is titled TOMORROW and is based on our interactions […]

Grameen Intel now in Nepal and Cambodia

Last few months have been quite interesting for Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. We have organized two training and implementation sessions in Cambodia and Nepal targeted for local entrepreneurs who will use our technology solutions to provide soil testing services. Our software applications are now empowering rice farmers in Cambodia, Agriculture is 35% of Cambodia’s […]