ACHIEVING FOOD SECURITY: Private Sector Solutions for Global Development Challenges

With mass urbanization around the world, the global demand for food is rapidly increasing while cultivatable land is decreasing. As a result, crop production needs to become more efficient and scalable. By the middle of the current century, the world population will reach 9 billion and the current food requirement will grow by 50%. To […]

The Broadband Effect: Enhancing Market-based Solutions for the Base of the Pyramid

Broadband has a potential impact on the base of the pyramid (BOP), a segment of the population previously excluded from markets, and which lacks access to quality goods and services. Broadband facilitates the development of new business models that are more effective and efficient in terms of accessing, creating, and distributing goods and services to […]

eAgriculture: Using Technology to Empower Farming Communities

As global population growth continues to soar, food security—the availability of and access to food—is an increasing concern. At the same time, high costs and inefficiencies have made farming an increasingly unviable profession for small farmers in developing countries. A successful eAgriculture project in the state of Odisha, India, demonstrates how technology can be used […]

The Power of Social Business

The distinction between the business and social sectors is becoming increasingly fluid. Corporations are  seeking to more actively address the challenges faced by society, and they are leveraging their business expertise to do so.Social organizations are looking to companies in the private sector for the best practices, skills, and know-how needed to deliver greater value […]